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    Using Crudefunder's innovative online investment marketplace, we provide sophisticated and beginner investors with the opportunity to invest in qualified Oil & Gas Projects.

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    Invest from any device
    Invest from any device
  • Well Drilling
    & Testing

    Phase 1 Offerings are for Sophisticated Oil & Gas Investors

    The Drill and Test stage is considered the riskiest part of a Project because investors assume the "Dry Hole" risk, but also where potentially the highest returns can be found. Phase 1 participants can take full advantage of the Oil & Gas IDC tax benefits.

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    Drill & Test: Phase 1
    Drill & Test: Phase 1
  • Well Completion

    Phase 2 Offerings are Open to Almost Everyone 18 and Older

    Investing in the Phase 2 Completion stage significantly reduces your "dry hole" risk, since it only occurs if commercially viable quantities of hydrocarbons are confirmed. Less risk equates to slightly less returns than Phase 1 investors.

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    Well Completion: Phase 2
    Well Completion: Phase 2
  • Well Production

    Phase 3 Offerings Provide More Opportunity for Unaccredited Investors

    As a Phase 3 Investor, you are participating in the acquisition of producing and logged oil reserves that translate into ongoing cash flow. Lower risk and commensurately lower return than Phase 2 Investors.

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    Well Production: Phase 3
    Well Production: Phase 3

Oil Investing. Refined.

For the sophisticated investor and the beginner

We are an innovative, technology enabled marketplace that provides a unique opportunity for all types of investors to participate in Oil & Gas deals based on their objectives and capability. You can invest with as little as $2,000 on the completion phase of our projects.

Investing in Oil & Gas is similar to nearly every other investment category of RISK = RETURN, so we have broken our projects into two phases and respective offerings: The well completion phase for beginners and investors looking to preserve their wealth; and for accredited investors, the drill & test phase, which has more risk, but provides you with the Oil & Gas IDC tax benefits and a higher proportionate return of the working interest.

Based on a comprehensive due diligence formula managed by our team of experts, we offer projects with a likelihood of success. But, there is always risk of losing capital when investing in Oil & Gas, so please consult with your professional advisor when selecting the right investment for you.

Investments on the Crudefunder's platform are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.
Please click here to review risk factors for private placements.

Own a piece of an oil well for as little as $2,000

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All the Resources You
Need At Your Fingertips

Knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry is key. We provide tools that give you the edge when it comes to investing in Oil & Gas. You will find videos on industry topics, and information on how to navigate our website and what Crudefunders is all about. You can find blogs, webinars and even daily economic updates from leading Energy Economist, Tim Snyder, that the pros use to evaluate their trades. In addition, you will find industry links to helpful sites and FAQs by other investors with answers from our expert team members.



We've assembled a team of oil & gas and technology experts that have their thumb on the future.


We are a compliance and investor-focused funding platform with the #1 goal of earning your trust.


We provide you the tools needed to make educated decisions on when and how to invest in a project.
Get Listed

Get Listed.

We help oil & gas companies raise capital with a proven 13-step due diligence and preparation process.
Become an Oilman

Become an Oilman.

Invest with us and you will be one step closer to your dream of owning a piece of an oil well.

A New Way to Invest in Oil & Gas.

We combine the collective experience and foresight from multiple disciplines such as Geology, Engineering, Marketing, Investment Banking, and Legal to create a new and fundamentally better way for people to invest in oil and gas.

We are not just a new method for old investors, but a game-changer that opens doors for everyone to share in the success of a proven industry for creating wealth.

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Investing in the re-stimulation of existing producing wells lowers your risk and improves your recovery of investment. Own a piece of an OIL WELL for as little as $2,000.

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