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We are looking quality turnkey projects in established oil & gas fields. DUCs are ideal. Proven production even better.

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Step 1

Submit a Project Application

Once we receive your application, our team will quickly evaluate your project to determine if it is a good fit for our platform. Criteria used in our decision-making process include but are not limited to: amount of capital sought, use of proceeds, daily production, recoverable reserves and surrounding production. Applicants will be notified in a timely manner of their status.

Step 2

Prepare Investment Material

Companies selected for the Crudefunder's Platform will need to sign an engagement agreement before beginning the process of preparing investment and due diligence materials. These will include an executive summary, informational video, detailed use of funds, and other documents as necessary. The use of visual aids, such as schematics or animations that explain the projects and underlying approach are strongly encouraged. FAQs and any additional information may also be helpful. A standardized Private Placement Memorandum is provided by our attorneys to all project issuers. Crudefunders also offers adjunct marketing services to aid project issuers in creating visual aids and supplemental materials.

All investment, due diligence, and marketing materials as well as legal reviews will be at the company's sole expense.

Step 3

Launch Your Project

Once your offering and marketing materials have been approved, your campaign will go live on our site and ready to attract investors from all over Texas.

Step 4

Track Your Investors

The Crudefunder's Campaign Online Dashboard enables you to see how many Investors have viewed your investment opportunity, requested a subscription agreement or have actually deposited funds in your escrow account. In addition, a supervised online forum will be provided, where investors can comment on and ask questions relating to the company and the proposed offering. (This will be closely supervised to ensure that comments posted stay within the bounds of regulation and propriety).

Step 5

Brief Your Investors

Using our platform, you can schedule and implement compliant and monitored briefings between you and your prospective Investors about the details and progress of your investment opportunity.

Step 6

Complete Your Offering

The offering will be listed online for a pre-determined selling period. If the minimum investment target is reached within this period, the funds will be released from escrow.

Step 7

Investor Relations

After your successful raise, Cruderfunders provides your investors with ongoing support including revenue distribution, telephone support, and end-of-year tax preparation documents, including K1 distributions. Because Crudefunders is the investor intermediary you can focus on what you can focus on the business of finding and producing oil!

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